Home Watch Services

We are proud to announce Home Watch

We keep an eye on your home when you can’t be here. Some of the services are listed below and can be customized to fit your needs:

• Maintain keys in our office for opening & closing for contractors.
• Check & gather mail/fliers/newspapers and put inside in designated area.
• Check exterior of home to check for broken windows, or obvious signs of vandalism.
• Check for any exterior weather related damage.
• Check smoke detectors/CO2 detectors.
• Check interior for visible water damage (hot water heater, leaking toilets or faucets, etc.).
• Check to insure all windows and doors are securely locked.
• Check your home before and after a summer or winter storm to secure loose items (ie.porch furniture, etc.).
• Check A/C and/or heating for proper operation – as required.
• Check to insure there are no tripped electrical breakers, if so reset.
• Check refrigerator for proper operation, or for mildew if turned off.
• Run garbage disposal to make sure seals do not dry out.
• Check visually for ants or pests.
• Check home after visits from authorized guests.
• Check & Clean debris off porches and/or driveway.

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We can be there before you can.
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