Grocery Requests

Why spend your valuable vacation time shopping?  Along with our other numerous
“Maintenance Services” fwe are able to provide take advantage of the grocery shopping service.  For a nominal service request fee of $30.00 plus an additional hourly charge we will have all of your items at your home ready to go. (We will make every attempt to provide for your personal brand favorites.) For an additional fee of 25.00 we will put all of those groceries away and re-stock your pantry. (Food items will be secured at the local Giant Eagle.  We will deliver them at the specific time you have arranged.)

We have several easy ways for you to accomplish this task electronically:

  1. Fill out the printable PDF. form you can scan or fax it to us CLICK HERE
  2. Request a form in word that is editable either call the office or send or send a request via the electronic “Contact Us” form.

That’s all there is to it, except for the part you don’t need to spend your precious time standing in line trying to scan your grocery items. While we love our vacation homes, most of the reason we purchase them is to get away from daily stresses, but it comes with a price.  Simply put the nearest grocery store is not very close and in most cases is in totally the wrong traveling direction. Wouldn’t it be nice not to have to schlep all of those items up the stairs and put them all away?  Just walk in the door open the refrigerator and enjoy something delicious.

Spend that time with family and friends.

We put the vacation back in your Vacation home.