Our services offer the most comprehensive and professional absentee home management and concierge services for house or home, town homes, and condos in the Seven Springs Area.

Q. Should we turn off the water heater when we leave?
A. Yes, if you can unplug a electric water heater or turn the circuit breaker off. There is no need to drain the water heater. Put water heater on “vacation” mode. If you have a gas unit turn off the water supply to protect your property from leaks.

Q. How should we set the air conditioner and furnace?
A. The air conditioner should be set on “cool” and “auto” with a temperature of 80 to 83 degrees. The furnace should be set at 65 degres or as directed by the manufacturer.

Q. Should we empty the refrigerator and turn it off?
A. That is the ideal, but frequently not practical. If you must leave it running, it is a great storage place for any foods that might attract ants. Remember to shut off the ice maker.

Q. How should we prepare the dishwasher and garbage disposer before we leave?
A. No special preparation is necessary. We will run the dishwasher through a rinse and hold cycle every month, if requested, to prevent the seals from drying out and to prevent unpleasant odors. We will also run the garbage disposer briefly for the same reasons.

Q. Can you provide referral services if we need work done while we are away?
A. Yes, we have a large resource of contractors and vendors that we have worked with in the past and can recommend as reliable.

Q. How can we prevent insect infestations while we are away?
A. Make sure there are no open food containers of any type left in cupboards or closets. All open containers should be in hard plastic containers or in the refrigerator. If you use a pest control service, have them spray inside just before you leave and scatter several ant and roach traps around the house.