Below is a list of tasks we will handle giving you more time to enjoy your home. If you have other needs “JUST ASK.”

• Turn on heat, A/C and lights prior to your arrival.
• Meet furniture delivery vans to insure correct placement and insure there is no damage.
• Grocery shop for essentials and stock items.
• Arrange for housekeeping services prior to your arrival, or after your departure.
• Check property after your guests depart.
• Seasonal home opening or closing.
• Meet and/or monitor service contractors doing home maintenance, including:
Meridian1. Clean decks, screened porches & railings.
Meridian2. Wash windows, sills, hand-wash screens.
Meridian3. Power wash patios, walks, drives.
Meridian4. Install ceiling fans (if pre-wired).
Meridian5. House cleaning (we have our own crews).
Meridian6. Paint a room or two.
Meridian7. Assemble furniture.
Meridian8. Hang pictures & artwork
Meridian9. Clean carpets
Meridian10. Meet furniture delivery to insure correct placement and no damage.
Meridian11. Check property after your guests depart.
Meridian12. Seasonal home opening or closing.

Hire and/or monitor service contractors doing home maintenance, including:
Meridian1. Electrical Contractors
Meridian2. Plumbing Contractors
Meridian3. Pool opening or closing
Meridian4. Security alarm repairs
Meridian5. Interior or exterior painters
Meridian6. Air conditioning or heating maintenance
Meridian7. Bug and pest control services
Meridian8. Installing new landscaping.
Meridian9. Shade and blind contractors
Meridian10. Paint touch up
Meridian11. Clean out plant beds in fall
Meridian12. Roofing Contractors
Meridian13. Siding Contractors
Meridian14. Storm Shutter Contractors
• Maintain start and idle garaged vehicles.
• Set up golf tee times.
• Restaurant reservations.
• Admitting interior designers.
• Organizing repair estimates.
  Meridian Concierge & Homewatch  CONCIERGE SHOPPING

Our grocery lists give you some alternative ways to put together a grocery list. You can print out the list, fill in the blanks and Fax it. Or you can type out the list on the email form and email to us.
We would like a one-week advance notice on a large list that would fill your needs for your full stay. If the list is only enough items to get you started with for your stay, we need at least 3-days notice.
We will buy beer, wine and spirits in addition to groceries. Fees are the same as for groceries


• Washing
• Wash & Wax
• Purchase beer, sodas, snacks, bait, and ice day of arrival. (Call at least 24 hrs. in advance).
• Monitor boat pickup for winterizing & storage.
• Arrange for de-winterizing and delivery.


When you have to go away for a period of time and can’t take your pets – don’t want to board them in a place that is strange to the pet – maybe home is where they should stay!
We will work with you to set up pet sitting schedule that you feel would be best for your pet. We will initially visit for a get acquainted meeting with the pet(s).